Selling Advertising Space For Banner Ads – 5 Tips

Here are five crucial factors that need to be considered when offering Ad Space for private Banner Advertising:1. Locating AdvertisersHow are you going to find sponsors? You can either carry out this task yourself or advertise your Advertising Space for sale on a Banner Auction website.Finding advertisers yourself:
The most likely sites that would want to advertise with you would be those directly corresponding to your target audience;
Sites that are advertising with your competitors are a good start. You can also contact websites which are advertising on those sites.
You will need to contact each prospect one by one with a professional email asking if they are interested in buying Advertising Space on your site. The email should include an attachment or link to your media kit including analytics, prices and a description of your website.
Personalise the email stating where you found the website and why you believe they would wish to advertise with your site. You won’t get a favorable response to a a standard and impersonal email.
Keep a record of who you’ve contacted and their response.
Remember to follow up on an email and offer some great deals to get noticed.Advertising Space For Sale:
You can spare yourself the hassles of looking for individual advertisers one by one by advertising your available space;
Ad space Auction websites enable you to list your space together with details of your website and analytics. You can either set a specific buy-out amount or put the Ad Space up for auction.
Potential buyers are able to contact you direct and make you offers.
You can create a store which displays all the Advertising Space you have available, standard information about your website, your acceptance policies, ad specifications, analytics and anything else you desire.2. Positioning, Quality & QuantityWhat advertisers look for:
Positions above the fold (where their Banner Ad will be displayed without viewers needing to scroll down to see it);
Larger Banners (the bigger, the more you can charge);
Wider Ads are more readable and tend to perform better than vertical Banners;
Not too many competing Ads on the same page (large volumes of space taken up by other advertisers on your website takes away their quality).
Your traffic is only one indicator of the worth of your Advertising Space. Many advertisers seeking to reach a specific target audience in their niche would rather advertise on a directly related site than a site with huge traffic but no relevance.
Many advertisers look for time based Banner Space to buy directly or by browsing through an Ad Space Auction website.3. Costing MethodHow should you charge? Below are the method of how to charge for Ad Space:
Pay Per Click (PPC) – the advertiser pays you the agreed amount each time a viewer clicks on their advertisement;
Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) – an amount is charged for each thousand times the Ad is to be displayed on your website.
Pay Per Action (PPA) / Cost Per Lead (CPL) – payment is made each time the Advertisement is clicked and the customer undertakes some type of approved action (such as registering, subscribing or making a purchase);
Cost Per Time – this is the most favorable method of costing for private Ad sales. Sponsors simply pay to have their ad displayed in your slot for an agreed period of time (such as one wee, month or quarter).
Most publishers do not offer costing methods reliant on specific events or actions taking place (as the income is too dependent on the quality of the Banner Ad and the offer contained in it). In addition, more reporting is needed to undertake such campaigns.4. Ad SpecificationsBefore placing the Advertising Space for sale, you should consider the advertisement requirements and creative specifications, including:
Ad dimensions;
Maximum file size;
Animation restrictions (example: loop maximum, maximum animation time);
Preferred / allowed format;
Flash requirements;
Video requirements (example: loading with sound off, rollover activation, maximum run time, visible stop icon, who pays additional service costs, polite download).
Expandable creative specifications (example: maximum dimensions, file size, animation restrictions, user-initiated, close button, expansion delay, additional serving costs);
Appropriateness of content (example: no adult material).5. AnalyticsYou should prepare a.pdf or image file of your website analytics.There are various aspects to selling Advertising Space. With many decisions to make, some site owners just take the easy way out and put their space in the hands of an ad network, where profits are slim and sometimes inventory is sold for scraps due to the overabundance in supply. When done effectively, selling Banner Advertising direct can be very profitable and worthwhile.

Can You Advertise Your Small Business Online?

The sites online are full of advertisements big and small. Yes small businesses are advertised too. So you can think of small business online advertising. There is a kind of misconception that to advertise online you need to pay hefty amounts. So much so that at times it is not recovered from the sales of even big businesses. It is difficult to break even for the big businesses, so small business online advertising is out of question was the dictum.The scenario is however changing fast. You do get advertising firms on the net who charge much less for the space and you do get good sales with referrals from the net.Firstly we need to define what is a small business? Small and big is a relative term. By small we mean that there is not much investment done in the business. So if the investment is less you need to invest less in advertising as well. A large business normally has a good capital investment. It can bear the brunt of the advertising, which a small business online advertising firm cannot bear. Not any more there are many good advertising companies on the net that charge minimal. There are companies that charge as commission on the sales that happen through the net. So, one need not make a hefty investment either.The businesses that you do from home could be called as small businesses. If you design web sites you can get good clienteles online. That is something people will look up for online. If you have some artistic traits and you do business in it. Even that can be advertised online. Say you give coaching of something you can think of online marketing and advertising. Since the income from it is purely net income you can afford the online advertising fees. If you bake cakes, teach, design something then online advertising is the ideal option.You can make a careful survey of people who offer space online for advertising. You can search various site via Google search. You can also look out for various advertisements to see the type in which they are advertised. It always helps if you have a web page. Many spaces are available online that offer free space for web page. The basic designing of a web page is easy too. There are help options available as well. If you check out various online advertisements, you get an idea as to how you need to advertise your product or services. You can save on the cost by designing your own advertisements.The advertisements need to be noticed. They should have many clicks that increase the sales option. It has to be attractively made and flashy. It has to have lot of visibility with strategically placed advertisements. They can be done in java and flash script. Many companies charge much less. Some companies charge only on the sales that have taken place by the online advertisements. So the small business online advertising can definitely be done.

Taxy Advertising Metrics

Taxy advertising metrics are used to assess and evaluate the performance and efficacy of a marketing campaign using the common public transportation as media.Advertising has positive and negative repercussions. Despite the negative aspects of advertising, advertisers and companies still employ different advertising tools to generate leads and revenues and to improve brand awareness.Advertisers are always on the look out for innovative approaches in sending messages to customers and potential buyers. Aside from the traditional advertising techniques, companies and marketers employ different marketing tools, regardless of their viability. Experimenting techniques to expose and extend marketing messages is perhaps a constant aspect of advertising. Companies and advertisers may have yet to determine to make a repeat on the certain advertising campaign when there is a proper report and information of the effectiveness and efficiency of the marketing technique. To come up with particular solutions in employing marketing techniques, it is important to measure the performance of a certain marketing campaign.Taxy or taxi advertising is part of the outdoor marketing campaign. Similar to other advertising campaigns that use transportation in bringing messages to potential markets, this kind of advertising technique must be planned and assessed. Cost is often involved in every marketing campaign. It is only appropriate to make budgets and to record actual cost as indicators of performance measure in carrying out the advertising campaign.Why taxi advertising?The innovative approach in advertising has not spared modes of transportation, such as trains, buses, and taxis in converting them into marketing media. The taxi, being a constant component on the road in every hour, has been deemed a feasible tool for placing promotional graphics and materials. This marketing campaign has been immensely popular in urban cities around the world, although it is heavily employed in the United States, as well as in European cities.Advocating this kind of advertising campaign may seem an issue. But if you think about it, the taxi being a popular mode of public transportation, is a feasible approach for advertising. The visibility of ads placed inside or on the chassis of the public vehicle is a factor in making it an advertising medium. Not only passengers can view the ads placed on the taxis , but also passers-by, tourists, and individuals who are constantly on the road.But the question is, can the effectiveness of taxi advertising be accurately measured?Anybody can see the ads placed on the taxi or displayed inside the vehicle. Because of the random placement of ads, advertisers cannot determine well the number of prospects that respond to the marketing materials. Poor targeting, similar to other outdoor advertising, is a characteristic of taxi advertising. The volume of response is nil; so is the number of persons responding to the ad message.To assess the performance of taxi advertising, it is important to conduct extensive research of the findings using this advertising medium. Surveys can be conducted, however, the accuracy of the result cannot be fully determined.To practically measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, it is important to identify indicators that have direct links to the existence and implementation of the marketing technique.Taxy advertising metrics may include budget, cost, revenues, and returns for determining how well the advertising works in increasing awareness and sales or revenue generation.