April 22, 2024

This is a must way to do for every internet marketer or online marketer who are looking to expand their business and introduce it worldwide. Online paid advertising is a sure way to get at least lists of subscribers who have interest in products or services you offer to them. You should find this lists of yours will come in handy in the future as you may offer them other products or services later on without you have to pay anymore for advertising campaign.Online paid advertising or internet paid advertising can be divided in to these section below;
* SEO optimization services
* Pay Per Click advertising
* Email marketing
* Banner advertising
* Link advertising
and there is quite a few more of this online paid advertising method you could choose and run for your campaign.Let us discuss of this online paid advertising method one by one,First, you should see at the SEO optimization services.
SEO or so called Search Engines Optimization can be conducted by ourselves which surely will takes a lot of our time to do research, to practice and so on. But if you have times and you willing to learn about this online advertising method, you will do just fine by yourselves.
But, If you need faster result and you have bigger advertising budget, you can try to use the service of SEO service company and ask for their help to optimize your site and work on for placement of your site to the search engines. Their services will not be cheap, specially if you ask for the help of the company who has been a professional in this business. As a specialist, their fee will be much expensive compare to their competitors. But you can expect great results from specialize service company like that.Second is Pay Per Click Advertising
This is the fastest way for your website to be shown so it will has traffic in short time. This paid advertising method is better to be run by those who are already know and have experience with Pay Per Click advertising and have budget to run this method for sure.
It is very dangerous advertising method to run to if you don’t have all the qualifications or you don’t have knowledge and nice budget to do this paid advertising method. So please be extra careful before you run any PPC advertising. I suggest that you look for advise from people who are already running this advertising method, ask them about everything, risk, reward and estimated monthly or daily budget for your particular niche products. Ask for professional advise on what kind of PPC advertising campaign should you run or what is the safest way to do this…Third is email marketing
This is my kind of marketing as they are fast, easy, effective as we can sell different products or services to our lists over and over again, and it’s free… well, not exactly free… maybe we just pay for those leads just once from our PPC advertising campaign or from SEO optimization service for instance.
You just have to make sure that you don’t send them your offer too often, as this kind of act might annoy your subscribers and it will consider as SPAM.Banner advertising
You can try to place your banner on websites that has lots of traffic. usually, this kind of advertising method will not cost too much but there is a clear weakness with this method…
Mostly the traffic you got aren’t targeted, specially if you place your banner on website that run business other than yours and not related to your business model or products offering.Link advertising
This advertising method can be done free of cost but it also takes lots of your time to do many research and asking other webmaster for their willingness to exchange link with us.
But all the free advertising has a paid option that comes with each method, including with this link advertising method.
The key is to get your link exchange with websites that has lots of traffic and has high page rank with Google or alexa.OK that is pretty much cover the majority of the paid advertising methods within this articles. I will cover each one of them on my next articles. So stay tune..