Essential Features and Functions For Portable Automotive GPS

When you want to get a portable automotive GPS it is important to know the main features and functions that make it work effectively. This will help you with your search for the right portable GPS because you can make sure the one you get has all of these important features and functions.Main functions and features:1. Movable – The whole point of it being called portable is so you can easily move it from one place to another. There are many types of GPS devices that are not easily movable. Take time to make sure it really can be moved easily if you definitely want one that is portable. Also make sure that the power for the GPS device comes from an internal battery or that the vehicle you will be in has a 12 volt outlet you can use.2. Addresses or names of locations – On most GPS devices there is a touch screen that will display 3D maps that will change as your vehicle travels toward your final destination. It is important that you find a GPS that is easy to use and input addresses or names of locations. If you can’t easily input where you need to go then it the GPS won’t do you any good anyway. Before choosing the device you want to purchase be sure that getting directions is simple enough for anyone to do.3. Spoken turn by turn directions – There are many devices these days that will provide spoken turn by turn directions. This is always a good idea to have because trying to find your way without it could be dangerous. Without the spoken directions you will have to take your eyes off the road and that could lead to an accident. Always look for one with this feature even if it is a little more expensive so you can get where you need to go safely without an accident.4. Route suggestion – There may be times you use your GPS and miss a turn or exit and if this happens you need to have a GPS that will provide an alternative route or will reroute you until you are back on the original route you were taking before. If the device doesn’t do this then it will be worthless to you if you happen to miss your turn or exit. So you don’t end up lost with your GPS take time to make sure that the GPS you choose offers this feature.5. Bluetooth compatible – If you can find a GPS that is Bluetooth compatible then this will allow you to use it hands free. This will ensure that you can safely use it while driving without other problems happening like accidents. Now that you know these important features and functions for the portable automotive GPS you need to take time to ensure the one that you purchase has all of these. This will ensure you are safe and never get lost using your GPS.