Essential Features and Functions For Portable Automotive GPS

When you want to get a portable automotive GPS it is important to know the main features and functions that make it work effectively. This will help you with your search for the right portable GPS because you can make sure the one you get has all of these important features and functions.Main functions and features:1. Movable – The whole point of it being called portable is so you can easily move it from one place to another. There are many types of GPS devices that are not easily movable. Take time to make sure it really can be moved easily if you definitely want one that is portable. Also make sure that the power for the GPS device comes from an internal battery or that the vehicle you will be in has a 12 volt outlet you can use.2. Addresses or names of locations – On most GPS devices there is a touch screen that will display 3D maps that will change as your vehicle travels toward your final destination. It is important that you find a GPS that is easy to use and input addresses or names of locations. If you can’t easily input where you need to go then it the GPS won’t do you any good anyway. Before choosing the device you want to purchase be sure that getting directions is simple enough for anyone to do.3. Spoken turn by turn directions – There are many devices these days that will provide spoken turn by turn directions. This is always a good idea to have because trying to find your way without it could be dangerous. Without the spoken directions you will have to take your eyes off the road and that could lead to an accident. Always look for one with this feature even if it is a little more expensive so you can get where you need to go safely without an accident.4. Route suggestion – There may be times you use your GPS and miss a turn or exit and if this happens you need to have a GPS that will provide an alternative route or will reroute you until you are back on the original route you were taking before. If the device doesn’t do this then it will be worthless to you if you happen to miss your turn or exit. So you don’t end up lost with your GPS take time to make sure that the GPS you choose offers this feature.5. Bluetooth compatible – If you can find a GPS that is Bluetooth compatible then this will allow you to use it hands free. This will ensure that you can safely use it while driving without other problems happening like accidents. Now that you know these important features and functions for the portable automotive GPS you need to take time to ensure the one that you purchase has all of these. This will ensure you are safe and never get lost using your GPS.

Are Automotive Brakes Getting Smarter?

A number of recent engineering developments in automotive brakes technology is starting to show up in many new vehicles this year. Auto manufacturers have been testing new features over the last few years, searching for the optimum features that will make vehicles safer to drive for motorists.These improvements are changing the way brakes react when a car is in motion, and the variety of additional safety features are helping drivers stay safer and avoid collisions on the road.Forward Collision WarningsOne such feature is a forward collision warning, which uses radars and cameras installed in the front of the vehicle to identify objects or other cars that are suddenly within close range of its path. Several audible or physical warnings – lights or chimes on the instrument display panel or a vibration in the steering wheel or driver’s seat, for example – notify the driver of the need for a hard stop.If the driver does not react in time or doesn’t brake hard enough, some systems will apply an automatic brake assist to help avoid or reduce the impact of a collision. Some automakers have taken further measures to install similar systems for blind spots that a driver can’t see, or when backing out of a space where a view of oncoming traffic from either direction is impaired.Lane Departure WarningsA similar safety feature called a lane departure warning is designed to notify drivers who are either distracted or falling asleep at the wheel when the car deviates beyond lane markings on the road. Here, the camera and sensor record a driving pattern while the car is moving and alerts the driver with an audio warning when the car deviates from that pattern for no apparent reason.The system typically works in tandem with rear view and side mirrors, showing a blinking cursor on the mirror and the front display, to go along with the audible signal to alert the driver.Anti-Lock BrakesThe first “advanced” automotive brakes employed anti-lock systems that allowed drivers to retain traction and steering control when braking suddenly, either on wet surfaces or due to sudden obstacle. Here, a driver’s reaction time and behavior is still a factor, since they must brake hard, stay on the brake to fully actuate the system, then steer away from the danger.By applying steady brake pressure, the system will pulse the automotive brakes to allow the tires to regain traction enough to minimize the impact or avoid a collision altogether. A speed sensor monitors the car at all times, looking for a rapid deceleration in the wheels as a signal to apply the anti-lock assistance.Predictive Brake AssistPredictive braking is another modern concept that works in tandem with an advanced Cruise Control system to maintain a safe distance between vehicles automatically. If the system senses a hard stop will be necessary, it prepares brake components in advance to apply enough power to stop the vehicle in the shortest distance possible.These innovations in automotive brakes will save countless lives by eliminating a margin of error when brakes are not applied quickly enough or hard enough to minimize the impact of a life-threatening collision, or eliminate one altogether.

5 Tips to Choose the Best Baby Toys

The importance of Baby Toys is enormous in a baby’s life. Besides getting entertained, babies also learn a lot while playing with his toys. Baby Toys can make your child laugh with joy, it can stop your baby from crying, and it can make your baby busy while without your special attention, and it can also educate him without a failure. However, how to choose a most suitable toys for your beloved baby?

1. Safety is the key to healthy baby toys
The prime factor to choose a healthy Baby Toys for your child is safety. Please check below:
– Are the toys made with toxic plastic or fabric?
– Are there any quality guarantee?
– Are there loose parts from the toys that could cause a choking hazard?
– Could the toys fit inside a toilet paper roll, if yes, it might choke a baby.
– Could little fingers get pinched?
– Is your child too large in physical body to safely play with the toys or equipments?

2. Choose the Baby Toys according to Baby’s interest
It is important to choose baby toys according to your baby’s interest. In usual cases, for kids under 18 months like mobiles, soft books, noisemakers, busy boxes, activity tables, stacking toys and push-and-pull toys. However, it is important for you to observe your baby’s preference, and notice what interests your child. Does he like to pretend to drive a vehicle? Does she like to build with blocks? Does he enjoy stories about the farm? Being aware of your baby’s interests and making choices based on those interests shows that you respect your child’s feelings and value her ideas.

3. Choose the Baby Toys according to Baby’s age development
It is also essential to choose baby toys according to your baby’s age development, and buy the toys with reference to the instruction labels on it. Assuming that your baby is at the stage of development that is usual for his age, the information on instruction label gives you a basis to evaluate the toys. Read the instruction label on the toys packing box with the recommended ages. However, you are the one who knows the most about your baby. You are the only one to consider whether the toys are appropriate or not. For an instant, your child may be behind most three-year-olds in physical development, but may be well ahead in language development. Consider these differences as you make your choices for toys.

4. Choose Baby Toys that are educational
In fact, within the first four years of life, children develop a full 50% of their adult intelligence! That’s how fast their brains are growing. Besides having fun, baby toys encourage the creativity, coordination, emotional and social resilience. So it is important to choose toys with educational purposes. These toys will help to develop the self-confidence in your baby.

Toys that foster the imagination are great for both boys and girls, toys like blocks or stacking cups can be very educational. They are designed to stimulate your baby’s brain and sense of coordination as well as help with item recognition. There are blocks with animals, abstract shapes, cars and instruments inside. Indeed, toys are one of the best friends that a baby may ever have.

5. Choose Baby Toys that help your baby learn about the real world
Besides, educational purposes, some baby toys can help your baby learning about real-life skills. It can be accomplished through providing toys that mirror real life. For example, Baby Einstein Video and DVDs such as Baby Da Vinci: From Head to Toe, Baby Einstein Neighborhood Animals, Baby McDonald A Day on the Farm, Baby Neptune Discovering Water, Discovering Shapes, Baby Shakespeare – World of Poetry, Baby Mozart – Music Festival. They are the ideal platforms for your baby to learn about the real world, about the animals in the world and the water world, get knowledge about our body from head to toe, get in touch with the beautiful poems from Shakespeare and wonderful music from Mozart. For these kinds of baby toys, don’t worry about whether a toy is for a boy or a girl. Consider instead what the baby will be learning using the toys.

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